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Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Farm Animals & Goats

Acupuncture vet - We travel the UK, visiting horses, ponies, donkeys, farm animals, goats and others

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veterinary acupuncture in the horse - equine

We treat all classes of horses and ponies , for a wide variety of problems. Veterinary acupuncture is appropriate for many of these. We have a special interest in horse back problems, laminitis, navicular syndrome, equine lameness, headshaking (head shaking, head-shaking, head shaker, head-shaker), sacroiliac injury, allergy, allergic skin disease, sweet itch, mud fever, COPD, periodic ophthalmia (recurrent ophthalmia, recurrent uveitis, moonblindness, ERU), wobbler syndrome, saddling, diet, natural feeding and general welfare. Acupuncture vet treatment is particularly well-received by horses and has great benefit for most cases of arthritis, head shakers (head shaking), DJD, spavin, back pain, neck problems and neck pain, moonblindness etc. Vet acupuncture is of very broad application.

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We visit equine patients anywhere in the UK and have also visited in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and France, although the Midlands, East Anglia, South Wales, the West Country, the South of England and the South East are the areas visited more commonly.

Natural medicine, including veterinary acupuncture, is usually enjoyed by horses and ponies, who respond well, by and large. Equine acupuncture has proved particularly useful for arthritis, back problems, paralysis, the lame horse and uveitis or ophthalmia (moonblindness, ERU). While no promises of success can ever be made, results can often astound. Many animals defy a poor prognosis offered by conventional appraisal.

Our holistic vet approach leads us to examine closely all details such as feeding, grazing, saddling and shoeing, to support equine acupuncture, in our attempts to maximise healing. In this way, many serious and intractable diseases and pathologies can resolve, often defying a poor prognosis. All patients are given natural feeding advice and are offered chiropractic manipulation .

We treat all types of farm animals , with veterinary acupuncture and other natural therapies, providing nutritional and preventive medicine service to organic farmers and those planning conversion, in addition to caring for more 'conventional' farms. We offer a discount to bona fide members of the Soil Association and the Biodynamic Agriculture Association (BDAA) , for farm work.

We help devise and institute welfare and health programmes and advise on any aspect of livestock management.

We treat donkeys , buffalo , goats , llamas , poultry and others, on the same basis.
For further information, visit: . This site describes the various alternatives (vet homeopathy, vet acupuncture, vet herbal medicine [herbs], chiropractic manipulation, natural feeding etc.), discusses many issues and explains the work of the AVMC in some detail.

We visit anywhere in England and Wales for acupuncture vet work but nowhere in the UK, Ireland or Mainland Europe is automatically excluded.

Chris Day - Acupuncture vet, Holistic vet.


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Acupuncture Vet:

Christopher Day, vet acupuncturist for over 30 years, has been involved in the academic side of the training of acupuncture vets (veterinary acupuncturists - vet acupuncturists).

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Farm Species - Acupuncture vet

While we do offer acupuncture for farm animals, it is not often that we are asked to provide it, except in pedigree or show establishments. Nonetheless, experience shows us that catlle, sheep, pigs and others respond just as well to acupuncture as do other species.

We have had the privilege of treating number of goat patients and donkey patients with acupuncture. As with other species, they appear to accept acupuncture treatment very well.

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is without side effects

Veterinary acupuncture
is safe in all species

Veterinary acupuncture
is safe for all ages, including during pregnancy or suckling

Veterinary acupuncture
requires no laboratory animal experimentation

Veterinary acupuncture
, properly (holistically) applied, treats the patient , not the symptom

The curative effect of veterinary acupuncture comes from the body's own responses, not directly from the treatment

Veterinary acupuncture
stimulates the body's own healing ability

Veterinary acupuncture
operates at the bio-energetic level

Veterinary acupuncture
can form part of an integrated pain control programme

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