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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Acupuncture

Chinham House

Welcome to the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre

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Acupuncture for Animals of all Species
incl. dog, cat, horse, pony, goat, donkey
Acupuncture Vet

Founded by holistic vet and acupuncture vet Christopher Day in 1987, the AVMC is a centre of excellence for the delivery of holistic, natural and alternative (complementary) medicine and treatments for animals of all species, breeds and types. Chris Day, Practice Principal, is a holistic vet and acupuncture vet of more than forty years in the field.

At the AVMC , we have striven for more than 25 years for the well-being and welfare of our patients, offering a range of therapeutic options to suit the individual and circumstance. Veterinary acupuncture treatment is carefully integrated with other therapies, including chiropractic manipulation, in a holistic treatment programme, in order to try to ensure greater patient benefit and fewer vet visits.

Acupuncture Vet

Acupuncture horses, Acupuncture dogs, Acupuncture cats

Not only does the vast majority of animal patients accept veterinary acupuncture willingly, but also most appear positively to enjoy their treatments and experience great relaxation.

We hold consultation sessions at the premises (usually on Mondays and Thursdays), providing vet acupuncture among other therapies and we travel widely in the UK on the other days, to visit animals, including horses and ponies, farm animals (e.g. cattle, sheep, pigs, buffalo, reindeer, poultry), dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, ferrets and birds, at their home location.

We also offer online
in veterinary homeopathy, veterinary herbal medicine and other natural medicine, in support of local veterinary practices or other holistic vets, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is also available for horses. Clearly, however, this service cannot be extended to veterinary acupuncture or chiropractic manipulation but homeopathy, herbs etc. can be prescribed via this service.

We offer
books for sale .
Read more and learn new things to form your opinion, for example the vegetarianism arguments!

We run a major information site at:
. This site describes the various alternatives (vet homeopathy, vet acupuncture, vet herbal medicine [herbs], animal chiropractic manipulation, natural feeding etc., discusses many issues affecting the health and welfare of animals and explains the work of the AVMC in greater detail.

Mr Day, experienced acupuncture vet, has practised holistic therapies for more than forty years and veterinary acupuncture since 1981 and operates entirely independently of any commercial sponsorship or interest. His advice does not include marketing of products, thus keeping advice independent, objective and impartial.
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Acupuncture Vet:
Animal Acupuncture:

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture Vet

We provide Veterinary Acupuncture treatment and Chiropractic treatment and we hold a massive stock of homeopathic, herbal and other medicines, for immediate delivery:
Homeopathic medicines (homeopathy / homoeopathy)
Herbal medicines (herbs)
Aromatherapy (essential oils)
Schuessler Tissue Salts
Anthroposophical medicines
Bach Flower remedies (Flower essences)

Our smaller consulting room

Christopher Day, vet acupuncturist for over 30 years, has been involved in the academic side of the training of acupuncture vets (veterinary acupuncturists - vet acupuncturists).

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Acupuncture Vet Christopher Day with Dog

Image: Adrian Sharratt

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